uChannel Management launches – Teams YouTube talent with games and tech brands

A new agency, which matches brands with influential YouTuber talent, has been launched to target the games, esports and tech industries.

uChannel Management is the brainchild of Sam Barkaway, a young tech entrepreneur. He has worked with YouTubers consistently over the past few years and has recognized the influence these individuals – and their media channels – have had on consumers and their buying decisions.

uChannel Management is the result of his work and findings in this sector, plus his relationships with, and understanding of, the ‘stars’ within this important new media channel.

The result is an agency that can give brands a relationship with some of today’s biggest influencers, in addition to offering consultation on how best to use YouTube and other emerging platforms like Snapchat.

uChannel Management’s roster of YouTubers boast a combined audience of some five million games and tech consumers – all of whom are likely to engage with brands’ messages more readily than consumers of traditional media.

Compared to online display advertising, which sees an average of 0.5% click-through, uChannel Management is seeing a staggering 20% of users who watch a YouTube video going on to click an ad link.

“We began working with YouTubers a couple of years ago and we have been blown away with their influence on consumers and their buying decisions,” explained uChannel Management Director Sam Barkaway.

“Short videos and images on YouTube and Snapchat relate brand messages extremely well – we have successfully run 24 hour campaigns across both platforms, creating brand-awareness through fun and non-intrusive content.

“The engagement levels we are seeing on our campaigns is a powerful endorsement of what YouTubers are achieving in terms of decisions to purchase. And with over one billion active monthly users, Snapchat is becoming an important channel for brands looking to get noticed.”

uChannel Management is already working with a number of games companies, including the leading dedicated video games social network platform gamesGRABR (

gamesGRABR CEO Tony Pearce said: “uChannel helped gamesGRABR secure some very influential YouTubers to help drive traffic to our social network. The click-through rates when we advertised with these YouTubers were incredible. Up to 20% of the users viewing the video clicked through to our site. And, best of all, these were real gamers with high value – and 10% of them purchased a product, thanks to the endorsement of the YouTube influencers.”

uChannel Management is now extending its relationships into esports, to offer brands an ever-wider audience, discussing the opportunities its YouTube stars and Snapchat can offer publishers and vendors.

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About uChannel Management

uChannel Management connects YouTube influencers with big names and niche brands. Our current partnered YouTube influencers have a combined audience size of 10 million consumers and growing. While using our vast knowledge and database of alternate influencers, this process can be tailored to search for specific talent to advertise the brand.

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