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Wordsworth Editions releases new John Stuart Mill multi-title volume - On Liberty & Utilitarianism

The 19th Century philosopher’s key works on the liberty of the individual and the security of the State are as relevant today as they were in 1869

Book publisher Wordsworth Editions has released a new edition of writer and philosopher John Stuart Mill’s key works, entitled On Liberty & Utilitarianism.

Mill (1806–1873) is one of the most important of Britain’s 19th Century philosophers and the works reprinted in this new volume were first published during a particularly prolific ten-year span, from 1859 to 1869.

Mill contributed to several contemporary debates, including where to draw boundaries between the ‘liberty of the individual’ on the one hand, and the ‘security of the State’ on the other.

With an introduction by Dr Mark G. Spencer of Brock University, Ontario, Canada, the edition contains four of Mill’s most famous works: On Liberty (1859), Considerations on Representative Government (1861), Utilitarianism (1863) and The Subjection of Women (1869).

Also included for the light they shed on Mill and his lifetime are two of his lesser-known works – The Contest in America (1862), written in the context of the American Civil War; and his erudite but accessible Inaugural Address Delivered to the University of St Andrews (1867).

“We’re delighted to add John Stuart Mill’s most important works to our collection,” said Wordsworth Editions Director Derek Wright. “Living as we do in a world where the boundaries between the individual and State continue to be tested and contested, Mill’s timeless writings are of no less value to us today than they were to those who read them when they were first published.”

On Liberty & Utilitarianism is available now, priced at £3.99 from all major booksellers.

More information can be found at www.wordsworth-editions.com.


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