Bass music pioneers Koven appointed as sync partner for Mast-Jaegermeister's new 'Craft the Moment' TV ad campaign

Award winning UK electro duo Koven have composed the music for a new £2.7 million TV advertising campaign by Mast-Jaegermeister as part of its ‘Craft the Moment’ marketing initiative.

The commercial will premier in the UK on Monday 23rd November, with high profile slots throughout the evening, and then running for a further six weeks. The commercial forms part of the on-going ‘It Runs Deep’ marketing campaign, running until the end of December and reaching 66% of 18-34 year old men in the UK.

Koven (who are part of the JägerMusic artist support programme) are the production alias of Max Rowat and Katie Boyle, a critically acclaimed bass music outfit based in London. The music for the commercial was written by Rowat and transcribed by Walter Mair, then recorded over two days including a day at Angel Studios London, where an eight piece orchestra and grand piano were used to capture an atmospheric, dynamic track, perfectly suiting Jägermeister’s Craft The Moment campaign ethos.

“I enjoyed every minute,” commented Rowat. “Taking something that was created just from my computer and seeing it be recreated in a live environment with very talented musicians was a great feeling.”

The Craft the Moment creative follows nine friends as they work together to construct a 14 metre high statue by hand. The structure is revealed as a majestic stag and the group completes the finer details of their work with some of the same herbs, roots and spices that go into every bottle of Jägermeister, highlighting the craft at the very core of the brand.

Nicole Goodwin, Marketing Director at Mast-Jaegermeister comments: “Craft the Moment was created to tell the side of the Jägermeister story that remains untold – what the product is and why it’s so special. Today’s consumers are a generation who know that to get the most from life, they have to put the work in, just as we do with Jägermeister. The product itself is the result of determination, hard work, discipline and the science behind creating a perfect balance of 56 ingredients; the build of the stag in Craft the Moment was intended to mirror these qualities.”

Craft the Moment was developed in partnership with The Red Brick Road Creative Agency, who drew inspiration from iconic events such as Burning Man, which sit close to Jägermeister due to the brand’s festival and music associations. The commercial will reach 66% of 18-34 year old men in the UK with five Opportunities to See. Mast-Jaegermeister will be supporting the campaign with its biggest ever investment over a nine week campaign, consisting of six weeks on TV and supported by out of home advertising, off-trade specific support and integrated PR and social media activity. The 2015 commercial forms part of the on-going It Runs Deep marketing campaign which celebrates the deep and meaningful bonds experienced between true friends, brought together through Jägermeister. The Craft the Moment 30 second TV commercial will air on various channels including E4, Fox, Sky Living and Sky Sports 1 from November 23rd at 9:27pm until 31st December 2015.


Koven overview:
One of the most unique exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Cinematic Bass Duo Koven is the production alias of producer Max Rowat and Katie Boyle.

First conceived in December 2011 by Max, the Koven project was sparked into life with the ‘Wake You Up EP'. Instantly making an impact across the scene Koven’s very first release saw support some of the scene’s most important tastemakers at the time including UKF and Radio 1.

On the cutting edge of production as well as performance, Koven’s sets held their own - partly thanks to the Alphasphere, a midi controller from NuDesign in which they helped develop.

After making a name for themselves with the free 'Wake You Up EP' and a string of high profile remix work, in March 2013 the time had come for Koven to drop what was unbelievably their debut release. Released on Futurebound’s Viper Recordings, 'More Than You' announced Koven as a new, formidable force on the EDM radar, earning them tens of thousands of new fans and over two million views in the process. Koven went from strength to strength with the release of their second single 'Make It There'.

2014 saw the arrival of new member Katie Boyle. The first official release from Koven’s accomplished new line up, the epic 'Another Home' and haunting 'Petrichor' see soaring soundscapes, live instruments and deep bass complimented by Katie’s awe inspiring vocals. 

A busy summer at some of the worlds most prestigious festivals including a main stage slot at Exit Festival lead up to the release of their Debut EP 'Hereinafter' collating millions of online views straight off the bat. 2015 saw their most recent release 'Sometimes We Are' further solidifying the Koven sound which also saw the act win the 'Best EP Release' award at this year’s Bass Music Awards. 

Original Jägermeister overview: 
Best served as an ice cold shot, original Jägermeister is a unique herbal spirit that was developed by Curt Mast from a secret recipe and launched in Germany 80 years ago. The liqueur is made by Mast-Jaegermeister SE, in Wolfenbüttel Germany using a secret blend of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from all over the world and this secret recipe has not changed since it was first made. The pure and natural ingredients used within Jägermeister guarantee a high quality finish, and authentic taste. Jägermeister contains 35% alcohol by volume.

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