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Innovative new racer features ‘public domain’ heroes and villains including the Queen of Hearts, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein’s Monster, Cleopatra and more… 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Viewpoint Games, the studio behind hit VR release VR Karts,has announced its latest title, which takes a clever approach to character licensing.

Founded in 2014 by games industry veterans Neil Campbell and Neil Wigfield, Viewpoint Games has already enjoyed strong success in the VR space and beyond, with hits including VR Karts(PlayStation VR & PC), VR Karts: Sprint(mobile), Ghost In The Toybox(PlayStation 4 & mobile), plus Hungry Shark VR(mobile).

The firm is now working on Kartoon Racers, which uniquely takes iconic heroes and villains from popular culture and mashes them together in a series of crazy and chaotic kart races.

Each race features 12 racers from two rival teams – namely ‘Team Heroes’ and ‘Team Villains’.

Team Heroes features legends such as Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur and Cleopatra, while Team Villains includes classic bad guys such as Captain Hook, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Queen of Hearts.

This use of classic characters is a unique concept from a licensing perspective, allowing Viewpoint Games to provide gamers of all generations with instantly-recognisable characters.

Neil Campbell explains: “We decided to use characters that exist within the Public Domain. By using iconic characters who already have their own unique history, players can immediately identify with them, rather than getting to know a host of new characters and their personalities.

“Animations will evoke the personality of the character. For example, Sherlock Holmes is always cool and collected, while Frankenstein’s Monster is large and reckless.

“We believe Kartoon Racerswill appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers, spanning all ages.”

Viewpoint Games is currently in negotiations with a number of publishing partners, with Kartoon Racersscheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in 2019.


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Viewpoint Games was founded in September 2014 by games industry veterans Neil Campbell and Neil Wigfield. With 18 years’ experience, the directors have worked on blockbuster franchises including Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. Viewpoint’s VR Karts has been a hit on all major VR platforms, including PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. 

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