Reality Clash Armoury Store hits sales milestone

Over 1,000 limited-edition in-game weapons bought through the Reality Clash Armoury Store in April, with over 200,000 in-game RCC coins spent

The Reality Clash team will be attending the E3 Expo in Los Angeles June 12th-14th ahead of the launch of the game’s trading platform

Gamers and cryptocurrency speculators have been flocking to the Reality Clash Armoury Store to buy weapons for use in the game, which is due for release in late 2018.

Since the Armoury Store opened for business in April 2018, over 1,000 limited edition in-game weapons have been bought, equivalent to over 200,000 RCC Gold coins spent to date.

The best-selling guns so far are U9m Bitcoin UZI, SG1 Phantom machine gun and SMRR4 Dash Rocket Launcher.

The Armoury allows users to browse a list of guns, render each in a 3D view and then buy them with the Reality Clash in-game cryptocurrency, RCC Gold.

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The store is complemented by a companion Android mobile app that uses the phone’s camera to render the guns in an AR view of the world on-screen, allowing users to test fire the weapons before they make a purchase.

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Publisher Reality Gaming Group will be attending the E3 Expo in Los Angeles June 12th-14th to brief media ahead of the go-live of the game’s trading platform in August, which will allow players to trade their purchased weapons and exchange the RCC Gold into fiat currency such as Euros or Sterling via crypto exchanges.

Ultimately, gamers can make real cash. All the in-game weapons are logged on the blockchain and the buyer receives a ‘proof of purchase’ certificate confirming their ownership of each weapon.

Reality Clash is an augmented reality FPS combat game for iOS and Android devices set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers. Players will be able to connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology, join private teams and enter tournaments.

Tony Pearce, Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder, said: “The Armoury Store has been a huge success, allowing gamers and crypto investors to purchase limited edition weapons to use in the game or trade via our trading platform when that goes live this summer.

“We can’t wait to reveal more details of the trading platform and other exciting in-game features at E3.”

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