Pole Sports one step closer to Olympic Gold

* International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) celebrates as it gears up for the
6th Annual World Pole Sports Championship
* Introduces first Para Pole Championships
* Kids Pole numbers double
* World debut of Artistic and Ultra Pole disciplines

The sport of Pole Dance has taken the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) two steps closer to their long-term goal of inclusion into the Olympic Games.

With an historical invitation to meet with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding their application for IOC recognition in February, plus a membership meeting with GASIF (formally known as SportAccord) having taken place to discuss the international recognition of pole dancing as a sport, the future looks very bright for the newest, most controversial sport on the block.

Some 229 Pole Athletes from 36 countries are now gearing up for what’s billed as the Olympic qualifier if these athletes have their way. This July, the International Pole Sports Federation presents the 6th Annual World Pole Sports Championships (WPSC).

As the UK-based governing body of Pole, the IPSF keeps moving, full steam ahead, crushing goal after goal on the journey toward its mission of achieving the highest level of sporting recognition; being represented at the World Games, and ultimately at the Olympic Games. Each year, this effort culminates for the athletes at the World Pole Sports Championships and the global extravaganza of World Pole Weekend.

What you can expect to see at WPSC 2017!

- Breath-taking, gravity defying tricks and sensational feats of athleticism by Elite Pole athletes from all around the world! Men, women, doubles, children, seniors all ranging in ages from 10 to 70 years-old, competing in each of their categories for the Gold Medal and the title of World Pole Sports Champion.

- The debut of the much-anticipated Para Pole category with Wheelchair Pole and limited sight athletes amongst the different abilities that will be showcased in this groundbreaking event promoting diversity and inclusion within Pole Sports.

- Debut of the much anticipated and thrilling World Ultra Pole Championships and the World Artistic Pole Championships expanding the disciplines of Pole further to five! Ultra Pole is an avant-garde, intense, higher octane version of Pole, more akin to the extreme sports you might see at the X-games, and will feature Ultimate Trick Battles where athletes trick out against other competitors in battle-style rounds landing on the cutting edge of the sport, attracting a feverish new fan base and the most radical athletes yet. Artistic Pole, as the title suggest, is more artistic and a softer side of pole with more room for creative expression and artistic license.

- The fastest growing and most controversial category in Pole Sports, kids age 10-14 defy the mainstream of this rapidly evolving revolutionary sport and numbers double in just one year! As IPSF President, Katie Coates, says: “Children in Pole Sports is a priority for the continued growth of our sport as they are the Pole Sports champions of the future.”

“As the umbrella organisation of all of Pole, the IPSF has fully embraced that, like every sport, we must always continue to evolve, and in that light, we will introduce exciting new disciplines over the next few years, giving Pole the edge it needs to work alongside other well-known and established sports,” explained IPSF President, Katie Coates.

And the IOC, agrees with the IPSF’s stance, having offered: “Pole is a young, trendy sport with a very bright future.”

This three-day extravaganza will feature all of this and more with over 200 elite athletes from four continents. The WPSC is the largest pole sporting event with 3,000 athletes competing across the globe for a coveted entry into the prestigious World Championships.

The IPSF currently governs more than 25 National Federations and officially endorsed competitions and is growing so rapidly that it will boast over 40 by the end of 2018. And this year alone, more than 35 countries from all over the world, will be represented in the WPSC, all competing for the national honor of bringing home the World Pole Sports Champion.

When and Where!

- World Pole Weekend! 30th June to 2nd July 2017

- Maaspoort Sport, Marathonloop, 5235 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands www.msedb.nl Holds
1,500 spectators and is only 25 minutes from the airport

- Buy Tickets http://www.polesports.org/tickets

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