Nomad Games: The lines between traditional toys & video games are blurring - and it's good news for both sectors

NORTHAMPTON, UK, TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND 2015: Cheshire-based PC and mobile games specialist Nomad Games has outlined the ‘three ages’ of digital integration between toy brands and video games.

Speaking at the Inventors Workshop, Nomad Games managing director Don Whiteford asserted that while there are plenty of examples of toy brands moving into the digital medium, new collaborations between forward-thinking businesses in both sectors is creating lucrative new commercial opportunities.

Whiteford revealed that this new collaboration between the two markets has evolved via three ages of integration, namely:-

Branded Playtime – Where video games are based on the toy IP (intellectual property) and create a new experience or portrayal; e.g. Hotwheels, Action Man, Bratz, Transformers and Lego themed adventures. This has been happening for a very long time.

Crossover Playtime – Where a physical product has a digital equivalent that essentially does the same thing; e.g. LEGO and Minecraft. This is a more recent development and is particularly obvious in the category of board, card and dice games, where the portability of mobile devices has stimulated the genre.

Augmented Playtime – Where a technology toy and a video game work together; e.g. Ammibo and Skylanders. This is an emerging development and is typified by physical characters being used as ‘keys’ to unlock experiences in video games.

“From a toy-maker’s perspective, crossover and augmented playtime are the most fertile areas for creativity,” said Whiteford. “In both cases the physical and virtual play value can exist independently, but when brought together can create a new experience. With crossover products we have anecdotal evidence that a digital version of a game boosts sales of the physical equivalent.”

Nomad Games is an independent video games developer and publisher. It has enjoyed huge success with the PC and mobile versions of classic Games Workshop board game Talisman, turning it into a million-selling franchise.

The Cheshire-based company is now looking to extend its portfolio by taking other card and board games to digital formats through licensing agreements with both established brands and board game inventors.

This year’s Inventors Workshop was held at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton, UK, on Tuesday, September 22nd 2015.


About Nomad Games
Nomad Games is an independent video games developer and publisher based in Lymm, Cheshire. It was formed in 2011 by a small team of veteran digital developers, with over 20 years of experience. The company has evolved from the team’s passion for digital gaming on PCs and mobile devices, and is expanding its business to offer publishing services to niche developers and license holders of table top games.

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